Aaron Hall

Group Director, Naming at Siegel+Gale
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Aaron is Siegel+Gale's Naming Group Director. He has been creatively naming companies, products, and beyond for 18 years. He is an expert when it comes to working with clients to find names that turn heads and in showing his clients names they’ve never seen before.

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  • It’s important to have a story of how many voices have been included. It is essential to be able to tell the public how the team came up with the replacement name so you don’t say, ‘Here is our new name, because we had to change it.’ 

    16 March 2021
  • As the pandemic begins to wane, there will be a surge of new product and service innovations. But there will likely be some COVID-19 era naming and branding trends that carry forward. Because we’ve all craved human connection and the warmth of a smile or hug in person, expect to see companies over-index and capitalize on names that communicate the themes of humanity, approachability, warmth and connection. While a new file sharing app or web conference service might benefit from a name with these themes, your sparkling water, yoga mat and fancy sweatpants probably don’t need to jump on the “human connection” bandwagon.

    16 March 2021
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