Abhishek Vinod Singh

CEO and Co-founder at AiDash
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Abhishek Vinod Singh is the CEO and Co-founder at AiDash. Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience in building innovation-led products. He brings with him a robust industry experience with astute domain knowledge and innovative marketing and business strategies.

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  • Wildfires were rampant in California when we first set out to launch AiDash, and utility companies were stuck following antiquated processes that required sending physical teams out to manually analyze thousands of miles of vegetation; a project that can take years to accomplish for just one utility alone. Our Intelligent Vegetation Management System allows electric and gas utilities and other core industries to operate more efficiently, transforming their operations and maintenance activities. We’re excited to use this funding to grow our team and further develop our product offerings.

    10 December 2021
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