Adair Bryan

Human Resources Business Partner at Transwestern
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Adair is primarily responsible for recruitment activities within the organization including job posting and placement, interviewing, selection, and communicating with new hires. Additionally, she oversees the performance management program and regional employee relations matters.

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  • Adair Bryan, human resources business partner at real estate services firm Transwestern, wrote in an email that she has seen more employment opportunities, but fewer applicants. “The best candidates often receive multiple job offers. This creates a higher demand for talent and more of a competitive candidate market,” Bryan wrote.

    Transwestern, which has been honored for diversity in the workplace, has seen more women and minorities in its recruiting pool, particularly as more women and minorities have been graduating from college than ever before, Bryan wrote. “While we aren’t specifically targeting either of those demographic groups, we naturally have more candidates in those groups as the workforce pool has changed,” Bryan wrote. The firm recognizes that a diverse workforce “tends to yield better, more creative solutions because you’re enjoying the benefit of different perspectives,” she added.

    26 October 2021
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    Human Resources Business Partner