Adam Hertzman

Director of Marketing at Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
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I transform strategy and turn marketing from reactive to proactive in SME companies with slowing growth. I'm currently transforming a community benefit organization's marketing and strategy, but this expertise applies across surprisingly diverse industries.

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  • Some of those conversations were emotionally charged and she did a fantastic job that really went above and beyond, getting people to work together and remembering what was important and making sure we took a victim-centered approach.

    Bardack often worked behind the scenes. For example, she worked with local Jewish day schools to inspire best practices in education and engagement. She also brought new initiatives to Pittsburgh, including OneTable and Honeymoon Israel.

    Bardack’s work was critical during the pandemic. She helped to quickly identify where Federation could provide relief funds to get kids online when they couldn’t go to school, and to get students back to school when able. She also assisted congregations in using virtual technology when that comported with their religious practices.

    Rabbi Bardack has made a lot of improvements in our Jewish Life and Learning program and she will really be missed.