Adam Kling

CEO at FYX Gaming
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Adam is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building various successful projects from the performance marketing industries. Being amazed when bitcoin dominated the headlines in 2013, he has been following blockchain technologies ever since and trying to find that perfect fit of technology and market fit. Combining competitive gaming & bitcoin opens up new worlds that he intends to take on with a passion.

Adam leads the team building the FYX game technology company and platform. The FYX platform was born when they realized Ethereum/Enjin was a dead-end technology with scaling issues and could finally start imagining how esports and competitive gaming could be in the future using Bitcoin SV. CryptoFights, the first game to be released on the platform, is a turn-based fighting game based on D&D mechanics that will demonstrate that gaming and esports can be transformed with BSV by offering players game integrity, ownable items, cash tournaments, and eventually the metaverse.

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  • So I started looking into Ethereum and smart contracts and understanding the space more. When I was looking around I saw that a lot of these projects were Ponzi schemes. These things were so novel that people just wanted to try them out. I noticed that these projects only had a couple of hundred users a day that would interact with their system. I also noticed that a lot of them were web applications, thinking that this was going to be the future of games.

    3 August 2022