Adam Segal

CEO & Co-Founder at cove
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Adam is the founder and CEO of Cove, a DC-based startup on a mission to empower individuals to pursue and achieve when, where, and how they choose through its network of convenient locations. Adam’s vision for Cove is to enable a lifestyle that fits work into your way of life, and not the other way around. He is focused on expanding Cove to newmarkets with an incredible team of nearly 100 full- and part-time teammates.

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  • There’s suddenly a realization of all you know, what is the utility in a home and what can I get out of it. That’s why you’re seeing a sudden move to more suburban environment where, quite frankly, you get more space for less dollars.

    31 May 2021
  • Employees are no longer tied to the nine to five. They’re tied to getting their work done. That’s leading to a lot of behavioral changes that have a big impact on how we think about work. People want flexibility to say, ‘Just because I work doesn't mean my life stops.’

    31 May 2021
  • The future of office design will ultimately be behavior-based with a more efficient use of space. More than likely, most companies will evolve away from one person per one desk. In place of that, you will have a far more dynamic work experience that requires only you and your laptop.

    31 May 2021
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