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Mr. Fasola served as President, CEO, Director and Chairman of various public and private enterprises and has served two Governors of the State of New Jersey, as Deputy to the Commissioner of Insurance under Governor Brendan Byrne, and Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Governor Thomas H. Kean. He led the turnaround of Purolator Corporation ($1.6B NYSE), Gateway Food Markets (London Exchange, £9B ), Herman’s Sporting Goods, Pilot Freight Carriers, Circle Express, and was the Lead Director of RCN Corp. (RCNC-NASDAQ). Mr. Fasola lectured at the Yale MBA program as well as Duke Global Capital markets. With undergraduate studies at DePauw University and graduate studies at Seton Hall University.

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  • In order to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control, the US needs to reach a base-level of national vaccination, and this data shows that vaccine hesitancy will be a significant obstacle to overcome - especially across certain populations. These findings are all the more alarming considering CDC data indicating that relative to the rest of the population, Black Americans are at 1.4X the risk for infection, 3.7X the risk for hospitalization, and 2.8X the risk for death due to COVID-19.

    15 March 2021
  • Part of getting over this horrible pandemic is going to depend on understanding vaccine hesitancy and educating reluctant populations on the safety and efficacy of the current vaccine program. The data from our ADoH Affective Health Pulse suggests that South Carolina and other states in the Southeast will face particular challenges overcoming vaccine hesitancy, and we hope our work within the community can help educate the public on these lifesaving medical interventions.

    15 March 2021