Al Liao

founder at Marketer Brothers
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As Co-Founder of Marketer Brothers, Al Liao knows firsthand how powerful and pervasive storytelling can be. After moving to Vancouver from Taiwan, Al built a successful badminton coaching business. When the pandemic hit, he took his business online using the power of digital storytelling to market his coaching services. In just nine months, he achieved over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and racked up over two million views. Noticing how powerful stories can create alignment and strengthen connections between people, businesses, and customers, he realized that by helping other businesses share their story, as he had shared his, he could help them achieve similar results. And so, Beyond Story Media was born.

Today, Al’s business works exclusively with companies that have an inspiring mission or unique product or service to combine the power of storytelling with social networking tools so they can build brand awareness, attract new customers, and increase sales—within months. In fact, since launching his business, Al’s team helped one of their customers grow their monthly revenue by 19% within the first several weeks of their engagement.