Alan Duric

COO/CTO & Co-founder at Wire
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Alan Duric is the Co-founder and CTO/COO of Wire, a secure collaboration platform. Alan is an early pioneer of VoIP technologies and a driving force in the standardization of the speech codecs that led to the WebRTC standard, which revolutionized how real-time communication products are built today. He is also an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in real-time communications. He’s the Co-founder and CTO of Telio Holding ASA that is now listed on the Oslo stock exchange, and Camino Networks, which was acquired by Skype/eBay.

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  • If you’re communicating across Wire and WhatsApp, how can the Wire user be certain that the person they are talking to on WhatsApp is authentic? How can they be sure the person they're talking to is even using WhatsApp at all?

    18 July 2022
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