Alan Haig

Founder at Haig Partners
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Alan Haig founded Haig Partners to provide trusted advice and services to buyers and sellers of higher value dealerships and dealership groups. Throughout Alan's career he has been involved in the purchase or sale of 380+ dealerships with a value of over $5.5 billion, excluding inventories. Through his experience, Alan has become known as an expert in the auto retail industry. He is the primary author of The Haig Report, which tracks industry trends and how they impact buy-sell activity and dealership values. To prepare this report, which is issued four times a year, Alan speaks with senior executives at many of the largest auto retailers, as well as leading attorneys, bankers and accountants that practice in the auto industry.

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  • It has been an amazing quarter for the auto retail industry. We went from a catastrophe in April and May, to record profits.

    3 March 2021
  • It was much different in the 1970s when the Foxes got started and many automakers were expanding their dealer networks. Newcomers were plentiful in auto retailing and had few of the challenges contemporary dealers face.

    3 March 2021
  • We are honored to share our collective body of knowledge as a co-author to the NADA Buy-Sell Guide along with Kerrigan Advisors, another well-respected firm in our industry. Buying or selling a dealership is a difficult and complex process. There are dozens of steps along the way and a mistake can cost millions of dollars and possibly result in failure. We hope this guide will help all NADA members to be more successful in their buy-sell transactions. And the timing is ideal since the buy-sell market is highly active today. The team at Haig Partners is grateful to NADA for its trust in our buy-sell expertise.

    3 March 2021