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Alena Scigliano, Founder and CEO of the group practice, Coastal Light Counseling & Psychotherapy, is a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, and clinical expert in Narcissistic Abuse with additional specialties in Couples Therapy and Adult ADHD. Alena draws on her experience and expertise to increase public awareness of narcissistic abuse by leveraging the power of social media, training other mental health professionals, and engaging in speaking opportunities. She is also a leader in the business of counseling with expertise in the art of establishing & running a thriving group practice.

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    "According to Psychotherapist Alena Scigliano, narcissistic parents will try and control their children well beyond childhood.

    "Just because a narcissist's child develops into an adult does not mean that the narcissist will start treating them any differently," she told Newsweek.

    "Narcissists are very insecure people, and as a result they try to control everything and everyone around them, particularly those who are closest to them."

    Scigliano said narcissistic parents don't view their children as individuals, and instead, see them as an extension of themselves. This leads to boundary stomping behavior, with more adult children than ever cutting ties with their parents.

    "This loss of control triggers anxiety in the narcissist, they try to latch on even harder, thus perpetuating the cycle and essentially sabotaging the relationship they are trying so hard to hold onto," Scigliano said.

    8 March 2023
    "Alena Scigliano, a licensed psychotherapist, author, and clinical expert in narcissistic abuse, told Insider many of the phrases that pathological narcissists use fall under the manipulative tactic category she refers to as "distraction."

    "For example, narcissists may deflect, project, victimize themselves, or scapegoat another person as a means to distract someone from focusing on a failure or shortcoming of the narcissist," she said. "Projection is an example of deflecting back onto the accuser.""

    8 March 2023
  • "Alena Scigliano, licensed psychotherapist and clinical expert in narcissistic abuse, says one of the most common signs of cheating she's noticed when working with survivor-victims of narcissistic abuse is when the person cheating accuses their partner of cheating.

    "For narcissists, this is both a form of projection and distraction, which is what makes it less obvious of a sign," she says. "The non-cheating partner spends so much energy focusing on defending themselves and trying to convince the other person that they aren't cheating, that they don't even consider that the accusations are likely a sign that their narcissistic partner is the one who is actually cheating." Seeking professional help may be your best move forward in this situation."

    16 August 2022
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