Alex Guirakhoo

Cyber Analyst, Global Intelligence at Morgan Stanley
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  • Cyber criminals who typically engage in the sale of illicit drugs have seen the opportunity to diversify their listings to include sales of face masks, hand sanitiser, and now even chloroquine on popular cyber-criminal marketplaces like Empire. For those vendors not involved in the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE), Covid-19-related terms have also been used to promote their drug sales. Listings which include terms like ‘coronavirus sale!’ alongside heavy discounts are now common on all major cyber-criminal forums and marketplaces. This is likely an attempt to keep their businesses going and attract customers who have been financially impacted by the pandemic. It is also realistically possible that cyber criminals are attempting to capitalise on customers impacted by shelter in place orders. If people cannot physically meet their dealers, they may be more enticed to purchase drugs on the dark web.

    2 October 2020
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