Alex Hoff

Founder & Chief Product Officer at Auvik Networks Inc.
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Alex Hoff is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Auvik Networks. He spearheads the product management and partner success teams, helping MSP partners grow their businesses with managed network services. Prior to co-founding Auvik, Alex was Senior Product Manager at Sandvine, a publicly traded company that sells networking solutions to some of the biggest telecom companies in the world to help them manage their network resources more efficiently.

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  • We’re proud and honored to be recognized by SIIA and a panel of industry expert judges, for our commitment to delivering software that provides the network visibility and control required by today’s IT teams. With applications in the cloud, people working from everywhere, and internet-enabled everything, IT teams are being continuously challenged to stay ahead of their users’ needs.

    5 December 2021
  • In a world with less wires, we’re continuing to see changes in how technology is being managed across networks of all sizes. Remote and hybrid workplace models have fundamentally shifted how technology is being deployed to suit the needs of a modern office network — one that is more often from employee homes and that requires a more distinct set of devices, like higher quality access points.

    5 December 2021
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