Alex MacLaverty

Global Chief Operating Officer at Clarity PR
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As Chief Operating Officer at Clarity I'm responsible for driving the growth and success of the business worldwide, working with our teams to deliver an incredible client experience and create an exceptional culture.

I’m an all-round Board-level ‘fixer’ and seasoned communications professional, with 20 years’ experience leading global comms consultancies. From running individual business units, developing and rolling out global strategy, managing the growth and diversification of the agency, to attracting, winning and leading global accounts, I am focused on generating quick results and navigating challenges effectively. I know what it takes to build an amazing team and achieve double digit growth – running a slick operation while building an incredible culture.

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  • The new world of flexibility has exacerbated the challenge of hiring C-level talent. Most C-level executives have the luxury to choose where they want to do their work. They don’t want a standard package, they’re not interested in a full-time office type of role. Successful recruiting is about reimagining the C-level role and what it looks like. People are more interested in a portfolio career instead of working at one place for a while. They like to mix and match, and that has been sped up for people realizing. Equity is a very motivating factor, I’ve seen people willing to take a paycut, the bigger picture is way important.

    25 April 2022
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