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Alex Pasykov is the Founder of Taimi, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform, and Hily, a dating app that helps singles communicate better.

Pasykov was born in a small town in Ukraine. Despite the fact that he got his first computer in grade 6, he managed to write and sell a website by the age of 16. Pasykov did not consider a career in technology until his third year of university. In 2017 he along with a team of like-minded friends decided to shift how people meet and spend time online. He launched Taimi and Hily, two of the largest dating products currently on the market.

Pasykov continues to develop and grow in terms of his career and knowledge by exploring marketing, analytics, process developments, technical and other aspects of product management. He is a strong leader and a firm believer in equality and love.

Area of expertise:
- IT and startups
- Social apps
- Global brand development
- App building and programming
- Management and team leadership

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  • I believe that people should make love not war. In fact, this has been a motto in my career thus far. My goal is to provide everyone seeking real connections, be it friendship, acquaintance, or love with a space that is friendly and most importantly easily accessible. I've issued an open call to action urging people to be allies to their LGBTQ+ friends, coworkers, neighbours, or simply fellow citizens. I truly believe in the importance of raising awareness and speaking your mind, there is no debate when it comes to equality. So, I encourage everyone to get on board and help me in my mission to spread love, fight for human rights and see a better future for all of us.

    19 July 2022
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