Alex Rice

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at HackerOne
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Alex Rice is a founder and chief technology officer at HackerOne, the world's most popular bug bounty platform. Alex is responsible for developing the HackerOne technology vision, driving engineering efforts, and counseling customers as they build world-class security programs. Alex was previously at Facebook, where he founded the product security team, built one of the industry’s most successful security programs, and introduced new transport layer encryption used by more than a billion users.

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  • Today, organizations across all industries are leveraging hacker-powered security programs to discover and shore up their true attack surfaces. With the expertise of the global hacker community continuously evaluating your full security posture, your teams will gain a powerful level of insight into the real world risks facing you and your partners.

    22 September 2021
  • By inviting skilled hackers to test the US military’s digital assets, the DDS and the US Army demonstrate that hacker-powered security has become a mainstream best practice for organizations requiring continuous security testing. It’s been an exciting journey to chart the successes of the three Hack The Army initiatives and watching the hacking community help strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity defenses.

    22 September 2021
  • The acceleration of digital transformation is driving organizations towards cloud solutions like AWS to support the agility and rapid innovation of digital experiences. Criminals see this shift as an opportunity. As a result, securing cloud applications is more critical than ever as we work towards building a safer internet.

    22 September 2021
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