Alex Williams

Founder and CEO at Holistic Hyperbarics
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Alex Williams is the founder and owner of Holistic Hyperbarics. Having spent her professional life focused on health and wellness, Alex brings a unique combination of medical skills and exceptional customer service to Holistic Hyperbarics. A Bay Area native, her career began when she launched her first business as a certified massage therapist, using her specialized training in surgical recovery and kinesio taping to serve and support a diverse range of clients. Inspired to heighten her expertise and abilities to provide effective patient outcomes, Alex pursued concurrent work as an EMT. Hundreds of hours transporting and treating under-served patients ignited Alex’s passion and commitment to providing exemplary care in an industry that lacks personalized attention to a patient’s well-being.

In addition to her years of experience in healthcare, Alex immersed herself in the lifestyle of triathlons, ultimately becoming an Ironman in 2012. She became attuned to the nutritional, physical, and psychological challenges facing athletes. In a field where small tweaks in training or recovery can significantly impact outcomes, Alex noticed that the high cost of elite training and recovery practices were prohibitive to many amateur competitors. Alex became determined to seek out accessible treatments and upon discovering mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its wide ranging benefits, Holistic Hyperbarics was launched.

Understanding that time, care, and a curated space for people to relax can expedite rehabilitation, Alex prides herself in turning a once exclusive procedure into an affordable, accessible treatment option for the general public. Paying equal attention to the power of emotional and physical support that facilitate and accelerate healing, Alex offers clients the proven medical benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a relaxing spa-like setting.