Alexa Sinyachova

CEO at Moeco
On the record

Alexa is the Chief Executive Officer at Moeco. Alexa has been in business development for the last 12 years helping start-ups drive growth and innovation. Her career has been focused on leading-edge solutions on a global scale, with experience evolving the businesses of D&C Media Israel, Rambler Russia, RubyDevs U.S., 3DLook and most recently at Moeco. She has been working with Fortune 500 companies in the US and globally.

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  • We had to make sure that the parcels, collected by the efforts of hundreds of people, arrived safely and at the right address. During the first COVID spike there was an enormous demand from businesses around the world because logistics and carriers, in China especially, were completely frozen, leading to a lot of losses. We want to understand what's going on inside that shipping container, what happens in between a package getting from a truck to a front porch, what's happening in real time.

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