Alexandra Bardales

On the record

I’ve been a fitness coach for 9 years. I have worked with mostly women and learned long ago that our physical bodies are intimately tied to our internal sense of confidence and capability. I know how physical transformation is a gateway to personal transformation and I want to help you grow the muscles that are important to you, because I understand how it will make you FEEL. There are so many trainers out there with great programs, but the program doesn’t really matter if you don't feel connected to the coach. If you don’t get a sense that your guide understands you, has been where you’ve been, or can even say they have DONE the workout they are prescribing you, you will not feel moved.

I am here because I have been through this- I have been on the other side of, having “no glutes”, feeling insecure in my body, once thinking that I could not have a body I wanted because I was just “born this way.” And I’m here to tell you, through example, that you CAN have the body you want. You CAN enjoy the process of working out. And you CAN build more confidence through shaping your body. I know what it takes to shape specific muscles and, more importantly, I genuinely care about what that will do for you.