Alexej Pikovsky

Co-Founder & CEO at Alphagreen Group and 1 other company
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Alexej is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alphagreen Group, a global acquisition and incubation organization specialized in the health and wellness industry. He began his career in investment banking at Nomura before moving on to become a founding member of Delin Ventures, a venture capital arm investing in leading technology companies and VC funds. Alexej acquired board-level experience as an investor for a large-cap private equity fund before founding Alphagreen in 2019. The firm initially focused on CBD markets and then expanded to focus on all products related to pain, sleep, and anxiety management.

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  • We recognised Yawns’s potential for success within our incubation methodology. Our marketplace is growing; our contribution margin is healthy. But having our own brands was always the larger objective. We detected the gap in the market for sleep products with the combination of valerian root, ashwagandha, black pepper and 5HTP. Our consumer research also indicated a natural upsell through a nootropic blend of guarana and performance mushrooms. With interest in sleep and wellbeing growing throughout the pandemic, this is the ideal time and product to serve consumer needs.

    23 January 2022
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