Alfonso Wenker

President + Co-Founder at Team Dynamics
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Alfonso drives Team Dynamics’ client engagement; working side-by-side with C-Suite executives and internal champions of cultural change efforts. Alfonso Wenker is a seasoned executive leader and facilitator of transformational organizational culture and strategy campaigns. Serving in major leadership roles within the field of philanthropy, Alfonso has been responsible for driving sector and systems wide change to diversify both perspective and personnel in order to better steward resources responsible for underwriting major movements.

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  • If you are committed to ensuring something other than an all-white staff, you must recognize the compounding impacts of racism on your BIPOC workers. Invest in your staff’s health and well-being. Make sure your health care plan covers mental health services, addiction recovery, trauma support, regular preventative visits, hospitalization, and low-cost prescription drug coverage. Do not pick a plan with a high deductible—that will prevent many employees from accessing needed services.

    16 July 2021
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    President + Co-Founder