Alfonso Wright; Jamila McGill

Co-owners at Brooklyn Tea
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Alfonso is the Co-owner at Brooklyn Tea. Alfonso is a highly adaptable marketing professional with proven success in planning and executing digital marketing and advertising campaigns. He is skilled in building and strengthening relationships to drive cohesive communications across platforms. He is instrumental in developing data-driven user-focused promotional strategies. Alfonso is experienced in managing multifaceted marketing activities using extensive research, strategic thinking and analytic tools.

Jamila is the Co-owner at Brooklyn Tea. She supports schools with promising practices to help curate strong adult learning visitations.

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  • I put a lot of time into the business plan. I was at the library almost every day because I was able to work remotely. I was bringing home all sorts of “how to open a tea shop”-type books and interior decorating. Jamila was getting highly annoyed with me. Jamila and I were going to different tea shops in New York City to plan her vision, even down to the minute detail of the towels in the bathroom. We really thought about everything. So when it was time to write a business plan and do a pitch, there was no question unthought of.

    23 March 2022
  • Hire licensed workers [for the construction build out of the store]. It might seem cheaper not to in the short term, but ultimately things will probably go wrong and you will have no one to actually call. Go through some professionals, even though it will cost a little bit more on the front end. We had an incident where some things weren’t properly installed and we ended up having to come out of the pocket twice for our storefront.

    23 March 2022
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