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Chief Operating Officer at Snappy Kraken
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Alicia Howard is one of the company founders. She serves as COO.

As COO, Alicia Howard thrives on the continual process of transforming initiatives from plans into well-executed processes, resulting in streamlined day-to-day operations and memorable customer experiences. She leads the incredibly talented Success, Support, Finance, and HR teams, and believes collaboration, delegation, and celebration are at the root of Snappy Kraken’s amazing culture and outstanding industry accomplishments.

Alicia graduated from King’s College on the Dean’s List of Academic Excellence and holds certifications from The Business Training Institute as a Certified Business Consultant (CBC) and Certified Business Coaching Specialist (CBCS). Prior to joining Snappy Kraken, Alicia served as a Strategic Consultant for a financial marketing company where she developed a customer-centric infrastructure and training program for the company’s marketing consultants. Her skills have allowed her to cycle between mentoring clients one-on-one to stepping on stage and presenting to hundreds of professionals. Alicia’s career is rooted in keeping large projects and schedules on track, including serving as Event Manager for a multinational hotel chain facilitating 450 annual events. As Senior Conference Center Manager for a credit ratings corporation, she managed the day-to-day staff and operations, hosting high profile corporate and dignitary clients from all over the globe.

Snappy Kraken is a transformative Automated Growth Program for financial advisors, built on the exclusive “Cold-To-Gold” framework. Advisors take what they’re already naturally good at *online* with the content, automation, and support they need to GROW!

Stats as of 12-20-20

Company growth:
9x ARR growth in 2019, 4x ARR growth YTD in 2020

"The most innovative marketing platform for advisers” ‑ Investment News
2019 & 2020 Best Overall Content Marketing Company ‑ Martech Breakthrough Awards
#1 In Customer Satisfaction among marketing automation platforms ‑ 2020 T3/Morningstar Advisor Technology Survey
2018 & 2019 Wealth Management Industry Award Winner for Social Media Leadership
2019 & 2020 Best Places to Work In Financial Technology

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  • One of my favorite things about our company is that we all work remotely. We use Slack as one of our communication tools and we have a channel called Celebrating, accessible to everyone. We use it to celebrate the achievement of big goals, milestones and accomplishments. But it’s also used regularly by employees saying, “Hey, this person did this for me today and I really, really appreciate it.” There’s so much high-fiving, kudos, and commendation that flows through the channel — it’s energizing to be a part of that and to see how much people appreciate each other. It creates a very strong sense of community.

  • Employees should to be able to have a vision of what they want for themselves, a vision of who they are and what it means to be true to one’s self and one’s values. In that kind of work environment, you can find real happiness because it’s more than just a job. When our work, our lives, our families, our other interests all come together to support and nurture us, then we can thrive.

  • I have personally worked for companies that did not have a healthy culture. It’s hard to stay motivated and productive in a negative environment. You can feel stuck because you’re not growing. Sometimes it feels like going in reverse. That sense of discontent can become apparent in customer interactions, quality of work, missing deadlines, all of which impact profitability. Additionally, people who are unhappy in the workplace often take that same feeling home to their families and communities, so the impact can be far-reaching.

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