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Co-founder & Principal at Lumicademy and 1 other company
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Allen Drennan is the founder of Nefsis Corporation, introduced a cloud-based, video conferencing online service, which Frost and Sullivan cited as the first conferencing service solution based on the technologies of cloud-computing, end-to-end parallel processing and multipoint video conferencing. He started Lumicademy in October of 2017, and Allen brought together the team of senior engineers who created Nefsis and OmniJoin to create the next generation of virtual classroom technology.

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  • We are pleased to be acknowledged as an exceptional innovator, leader and trendsetter from a large field of nominees for this esteemed awards program. We thank the judges for recognizing Lumicademy for pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential we deliver to our customers every day.

    20 June 2022
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    20 June 2022
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