Allen Proithis

CEO at Capstone Partners, Inc. and 1 other company
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Allen Proithis is the CEO of Capstone Partners, a strategic advisory firm for clients interested in Digital Transformation enabled by mobile, IoT, software and managed solutions. Prior to Capstone, Allen was the President of Sigfox, North America, where he created a high-performance team that built an Internet of Things business with top enterprise companies and verticals while providing US wireless coverage for over 70M people US.
Prior to Sigfox, he created a $155M IoT joint venture (Convida Wireless) with Sony & InterDigital and served as Chairman. In 2014, Allen raised $15M to launch an Internet of Things spinout focused on accelerating value produced by the data generated by IoT. At InterDigital, Allen oversaw the commercialization of IoT, Wi-Fi, shared spectrum and video content management solutions. Previously, Allen led Strategy & Business Development for HP’s global Smartphone & Tablet division. Here he drove all strategic initiatives for devices, software & services, including the launch of HP’s first mobile app store.

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  • The U.S. is a huge growth market for Internet of Things connectivity, especially in smart cities, utilities, shipping and agriculture sectors that require large-scale and cost-effective communication. Our partnerships with these site owners enables SIGFOX to leverage existing sites to rapidly deploy our out-of-the-box connectivity solution in the U.S. market. SIGFOX’s low-cost Internet of Things connectivity complements cellular networks, and allows billions of additional devices to participate in the benefits of IoT.

    25 September 2020