Amanda Goetz

Founder and CEO at House of Wise
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Amanda Goetz, Founder and CEO of House of Wise did not have the traditional entrepreneurial journey. From navigating divorce and single motherhood while building her own brand, she has taken her personal experiences and turned them into a supportive community that seeks to empower women to overcome boundaries and break stigmas surrounding CBD and cannabis products.
Amanda wanted to share her experiences so other #WiseWomen can do the same, with a supportive community backing them. Cannabis products (including CBD and THC) still have stigma surrounding them. But on the flip side, there is no stigma around alcohol. Amanda is on a mission to reverse the stigma and empower women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, strength, and wealth with House of Wise.
She believes that women are too often put into a “box” that they can’t get out of. By helping other women overcome those boundaries and bring awareness to the stigmas we are up against, including live your life on your own terms and building the life and financial independence we deserve.