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Esthetician/Skin Expert and Founder of Facial Lounge
“Skin Whisperer” Amber Rose Johnson is the expert esthetician and heart-centered mompreneur founder behind Facial Lounge. Established in 2000 in the idyllic enclave of famed Corona del Mar, California, this best-kept secret of LA and OC’s elite offers every client a VIP experience to uncover their best complexion yet through holistic methods. Johnson’s 25-plus years of in-depth industry experience are behind every innovative, organic treatment, including their signature vegan custom facial created as an alternative to the traditional “one-type-fits-all” treatment approach. In a tranquil bungalow setting custom-designed by Laura Brophy Interiors and inspired by Johnson’s lively spirit, a client list that includes Hollywood A-listers finds the rejuvenation they need “to face the world beautifully.”

Johnson first developed a passion for the world of skincare as a teenager struggling to manage cystic acne. An innovator at heart, she experimented with her own homemade formulations of toothpaste, Bentonite Clay, and other readily available ingredients before turning to professional medical facials. While the results were incredible, the price tag was high - in fact, Johnson famously chose to continue her weekly appointments rather than get herself a car. To make matters worse, the treatments were quite painful, causing bouts of anxiety before each appointment. Fortunately, Johnson took a job at a natural market located next door to a day spa where an esthetician offered her a complimentary service. For the first time, she encountered a gentler method than the routine medical facials she trusted. The experience left her wondering: is there a better, more relaxing way to maximize results with a nature-based, pain-free approach?

Johnson began a decades-long journey into searching out the highest quality, most effective natural skin care methods. She earned her esthetician license and took extra classes at UCLA, learning everything she could about the links between overall health, diet, and skin, along with the best treatment methodologies. She studied product ingredients and their synergistic effects with the gut microbiome, consulting with some of the biggest names in natural skincare, including Weleda, Jason, and Dr. Hauschka. Staunchly against animal testing and the use of any ingredients harmful to skin or the planet, she eventually developed her own original product line, in addition to creating the now fammed custom vegan facial that clients flock to at her Facial Lounge location for. Over the past two decades, she and her skilled team have helped countless clients achieve the skin of their dreams using holistic methods, addressing issues from severe acne to signs of aging.

The daughter of celebrated comedian Cindy Burns, Amber shares her larger-than-life personality and keen sense of humor, carrying on a family legacy of making people smile. A single mom of two boys, ages 9 and 10, Johnson enjoys creating fun memories together when she isn’t researching new, natural-based skin solutions. With a big heart for helping others and a wealth of hard-won industry insider knowledge from her own skincare journey, she is always innovating to create the most personalized, nourishing beauty experience possible. Learn more, become a member, or book treatments online, plus shop beauty bestsellers by skin type at Follow @FacialLounge on Instagram for skincare tips, beauty motivation, and real-life client testimonials.

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