Amir Elichai

Founder, Chairman & CEO at Carbyne
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Amir Elichai is a Founder, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Carbyne. For more than 12 years Amir has demonstrated his capabilities as a transformational leader – combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep operational insights, and organizational management. He is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-focused leader with a proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.

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  • Time is the greatest asset in any emergency situation, and lives lost are the price we pay when emergency response communications are interrupted. It is not inevitable to lose network connectivity during large-scale disastrous conditions. Sometimes governments do not plan for these scenarios.

    22 June 2021
  • The ability to get smarter information, and to increase situational awareness to each case whatever it is, will give emergency medical services the ability to better triage and to make faster and smarter responses to events that occur within their jurisdiction. So basically the entire ecosystem is becoming much more reliable and efficient, thanks to the Carbyne ecosystem that we’re putting together with GMR.

    22 June 2021
  • Three years from now we will be giving our services to more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. Carbyne is fully aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and all the rich data sharing is approved in real time by the citizen.

    22 October 2020
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