Ana Pinczuk

Chief Development Officer at Anaplan
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Ana Pinczuk is the Chief Development Officer at Anaplan, where she drives Anaplan’s business and technology teams including Product Management, User Experience, Engineering, Infrastructure Platform, Customer Care, and IT. She is a transformational leader with demonstrated success in running multi-billion dollar P&Ls and accelerating business results. Well-rounded Senior Executive with a background that includes Engineering, Sales, IT and Services. Currently leading Product and R&D for Anaplan, a high growth SaaS planning platform used for orchestrating business performance.

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  • One area where we’ve seen this really take off is within the sales organisation. The pandemic threatened traditional revenue streams at a time when businesses were highly focused on cash flow and liquidity. Now with a fluctuating economy and job market, revenue leaders are dealing with high-attrition rates of their sales reps. Predictive analytics allows sales leaders to augment internal data with predictive attributes on things like profile fit and buyer intent so they can target and prioritise accounts that are more likely to want to buy from them. This makes it easier to build fair territories and set more realistic quotas so they can optimise their sales resources and ideally retain top sales talent.

    16 December 2021
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