Ana Tajder

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Ana is an award-winning author and journalist originally from Croatia and Austria. After more than a decade working in international marketing at large corporations, she published two memoirs: a female coming-of age chronicle called “From Barbie to Vibrator,” and “Titoland,” about her childhood in Yugoslavia. Ana’s work has been covered by dozens of media outlets in Europe, where she has given numerous interviews and been a guest on TV and radio shows as an expert in feminism, immigration, and diversity. Ana has published well over a hundred essays, articles, and interviews in English, Austrian, German, and Croatian newspapers, magazines, and journals. In March 2020, Ana launched her podcast "Thank You, Mama" in which she interviews women from all over the world about the most valuable lessons they learned from their mothers. The podcast won the Hermes Creative Award and dotCOMM Award.

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  • A year ago, I launched “Thank You, Mama” from my living room, in the middle of a pandemic, while homeschooling my son. My dream was to create a platform for women around the world to empower and inspire each other through their mothers’ lessons. I never imagined this podcast would be where it is today, and it humbles me greatly.

    8 March 2021
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