Andrew Miller

Head of Marketing at Oasis Labs
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Andrew is focused on driving usage and engagement on the Oasis Network through tokenization and data privacy APIs (Parcel).

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  • Because of the lack of privacy, users keep revealing their trades and activity to the network. The most immediate consequence is the ability for self-motivated traders to front run these trades, which consists into spying the parking lot of unverified transactions, copying the transaction, and offering more to have the transaction executed first; hence, users not only miss the opportunity they identified but also find themselves forced to pay higher transaction fees as a result of this fee market.

    30 September 2021
  • Current use cases of NFTs are limited to assets such as digital art, where buyers speculate on the piece‚Äôs potential value when marking their purchase. This speculation is largely predicated on a belief that they will have social and historical value.

    30 September 2021
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