Andrew Kovalev

Offical Member at Forbes Business Council and 5 other companies
On the record

I am a strategic manager an expert with a significant project portfolio.

I worked in both small and large companies of various forms of ownership. I created business plans and development strategies for several dozen projects and successfully implemented them.

I was repeatedly appointed as an anti-crisis manager in various sectors of the economy.

I have extensive experience in corporate finance, developing and implementing anti-crisis measures, building organizational and financial processes in commercial organizations, building ownership structures, and establishing shareholder control over projects and companies.

Experience and skills working as a CEO and COO, CFO, and project manager. Deeply, at the level of the implementation project manager, I understand all issues related to IT.

I have a number of unique competencies, such as troubleshooting, knowledge of advanced ways of working in international capital markets, such as entering international capital markets through the merger with SPAC, etc.

I have a Master's degree in Economics and Management, a Bachelor's degree in Economics, and Bachelor's degree in Law with excellent results from top-rated Russian Universities.

I have over 30 publications in top-rated media, such as - Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, DayliPress, The Baltimore sun, etc.

I am excellently versed in emerging markets such as Russia, the CIS countries, and Eastern Europe.
I am a professional in the banking sector, regardless of the country.
I understand the investment banking sector in Russia.
I am well versed in the field of asset management in Russia.
I am a SPAC specialist in emerging markets, which is practically not found in these markets at present.

I am proud to be a member of:

1. Forbes Business Council
2. Association for Corporate Growth
2. American Management Association
4. American Economic Association
5. Association of BPM Professionals International

Andrey Kovalev
Manager partner
BusinessInvitee Consulting group

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    27 January 2023
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    27 January 2023
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    15 August 2022
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