Andy Frank

Founder / President at Sealed
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Andy is an energy efficiency industry expert, with experience building companies that make money through positive environmental impacts. Prior to starting Sealed, Andy was a co-founder of Efficiency 2.0, acquired by C3 AI (NYSE: AI), an energy efficiency software company that helped utilities save energy through customer engagement software. Currently, Andy also serves on the boards of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York as well as the Energy Efficiency Alliance of NJ.

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  • At America’s current rate of retrofits, it will take more than 500 years to modernize our homes. It is time to have a new conversation about how to make every home more healthy and comfortable for the people living inside—as well as cleaner for the planet. Sealed is building a company aligned with the interests of our customers and our environment—we only succeed financially when we make an impact by reducing pollution and creating local jobs.

    9 August 2021
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