Andy Kurtzig

Founder & CEO at JustAnswer
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Andy founded JustAnswer in 2003 and has built it into the number one Expert answer site, where millions of people get answers from doctors, lawyers, mechanics or one of thousands of other verified Professionals one-on-one. He spent the first two and a half years programming and listening to users, before handing over the engineering reigns to focus on JustAnswer's other business aspects.

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  • The past two years since the start of the pandemic have shown unprecedented growth on JustAnswer, with millions of people around the world visiting our site to find answers and advice from vetted and verified professionals. Our experts answered more than 3.1 million questions – and reviewing some of the patterns in these questions can tell us a lot about what's really worrying people at any given time. Or where people are most in genuine need of fast and affordable help.

    17 January 2022
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