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Financial Planner at Prudential Financial
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Andy Laino, CFP®, CLU®, CLTC® is the owner of Laino and Associates Financial Group doing business as Wealth Protection Strategies, with offices in Jacksonville and Sarasota, Florida. As a fee-based financial planner, Andy and his team focus on the financial needs of high net worth individuals, their families, and their businesses. The group utilizes a total needs-based approach to determine what is in a client’s best interests, and where appropriate, offers insurance, investments, and other financial services tools to help clients implement their financial, estate and / or business plans.

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  • Personal loans are more of a traditional borrowing arrangement, structured in such a way that you’re getting a sum of money to provide for something you need to buy or refinance, and you’re going to have a repayment schedule. A line of credit behaves more like a credit card account, and you only use what you need and pay it back flexibly with a minimum payment.

    9 February 2021
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    9 February 2021
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