Andy Zhao

Founder and CEO at Ark7 Inc.
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Andy Zhao is an accomplished entrepreneur and engineer, focusing his career on developing digital platforms that enhance individual quality of life and advance business productivity. As founder and CEO of Silicon Valley start-up Ark7 – the hassle-free fractional real estate platform and app – Andy has drawn on his wide-ranging experience to build a team that’s making waves in the $19 trillion real estate market.

Andy’s background includes analyzing and developing Uber’s global dispatching service ensuring the quality of driver and rider matches result in shorter rider wait times and increased driver earnings. He also was a part of the Google Search Engine team, contributing numerous features to improve search quality; worked in the Twitter Ads ROI team, leading the development of a conversion tracking and segmentation targeting system for online shopping and mobile app marketing; and worked on LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting Services design and development team.

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  • Until now, barriers to investing in rental properties – down payments, financing, and ongoing property management requirements – prevented many interested individuals from participating. At Ark7, we are breaking down those barriers and are democratizing the rental real estate market. To do this we’re building an extraordinary and experienced internal team working with best-in-class service partners.

    13 January 2022
  • Choosing to diversify during a long-running bull market for stocks, or a whipsawing forward crypto expansion, can be tough – why walk away from a winning table? But because of these recent market upswings, 2022 will be the year of diversification for many, and fractional real estate ownership, offering passive income streams and long-term value appreciation opportunities, will be next year’s smart play.

    13 January 2022
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