Anjali Tumrukota

Chief of Staff at Taulia
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As Chief of Staff, Anjali is responsible for driving Taulia’s people operations policies, procedures, and programs as well as the CEO’s strategic initiatives forward, including communicating and managing deliverables across the business.

Since joining Taulia in 2013, Anjali has been instrumental in ensuring the Talent Acquisition and People Operations processes are as smooth as possible.

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  • An organization’s culture is a critical element in the motivation of staff and the recruitment of those who will shape the company’s future. Many see it as an asset and a differentiator for a company that must be protected.

    25 August 2021
  • The world, technology and people change and so must HR. Some policies that were in place 20 years ago no longer apply and some that are in place now will no longer apply 20 years down the line. As HR professionals we are rule enforcers; however, we must also be ok with the rules changing and adapting.

    25 August 2021
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