Ankit Verma

Founding Partner & CIO at Mudrex
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-Digital Assets Trading and Management
-Portfolio management, investment strategies and generation of new alpha strategies across asset classes
-Product and Index Development
-Business development: Client interactions and offering bespoke asset management solutions
-Experience with exotic options pricing, trading and hedging

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  • While some exchanges periodically prohibit trading privacy coins, most of the largest privacy coins are currently available for trading across major exchanges in different jurisdictions. Yet, the institutional skepticism around the adoption of privacy coins persists. It is difficult to predict the usage of privacy coins on a wider scale primarily because of the strict enforcement of KYC and AML guidelines. Our belief is the absence of institutional affinity for privacy coins combined with the fact they are unregulated further dampens the possibility of widespread adoption of privacy coins.

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  • Mudrex
    Founding Partner & CIO