Ann Soh Woods

Founder at Kikori Whiskey
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Ann is the Founder at Kikori Whiskey. When she launched her own Japanese rice whiskey company in 2015, she did it with no experience or knowledge of how to create whiskey, let alone run a business. And instead of trying to blend into the white male-dominated industry, she went against her instincts of dodging the spotlight and became the voice and face of her brand.

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  • Honestly, we’re still expanding. We will be in about a dozen markets coming up. We’ve been slowly getting out there, but we have the whole country to cover. So there will be new cities and new states. That’s our focus right now: to get Kikori into the hands of those who want it in all these various states. It’s really gratifying to me to know that there have been requests for Kikori in these states. I think having the success with Kikori does bring a certain responsibility as an Asian American woman. And that’s why we do these campaigns and support our Asian community. And I’m gladly embracing that and I hope to make a difference.

    12 May 2022
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