Anna Barnacka, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO at MindMics
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Dr hab. Anna Barnacka is the CEO and Founder of MindMics, the actionable health monitoring company. MindMics has invented a breakthrough in precision monitoring to capture unique health data. Anna finished her NASA Einstein Fellowship at Harvard in 2018 and has a track of leading diverse and pioneering teams that solve intractable problems by working at the leading edge of signal processing, data analysis, numerical modeling, software development, and infrastructures and instrumentations. Anna has a dozen patents to her name related to in-ear infrasonic hymodynography.

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  • MindMics is committed to bringing a new level of real-time health monitoring accuracy and convenience to consumers worldwide. We are grateful for the tremendous work the team at Scripps Health is doing to validate that medical-grade data is possible in a consumer hearable device. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up to empower consumers to better manage their health and look forward to sharing details about our product and service offerings in the near future.

    11 March 2022
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