Anna Kazmierczak

Nutrition Consultant - Owner at Manageable Pieces LLC
On the record

Anna Kazmierczak is a nutrition consultant and owner of Manageable Pieces LLC, a nutrition coaching and education company. A nutritionist and engineer, Anna brings a unique perspective to the world of food and nutrition. When it comes to food and eating, she firmly believes that everyone deserves to enjoy good food and that, even in a healthy diet, no food is off limits.
Anna received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Master of Science in Nutrition from University of Saint Joseph. She has over 15 years of experience in making healthy nutrition not only accessible but also delicious. Anna also holds a Master of Science in Engineering and an MBA and has over 20 years of professional experience in customer service and complex program management giving her a unique perspective on the challenges of eating healthy in our complex life and environment.
Intimately involved in competitive swimming for young athletes, Anna was the principal researcher in a Sports Nutrition and Adolescent Athletes study designed to understand parental knowledge of sports nutrition, and its impact on athletic performance of young athletes.
Anna lives in a rural town in Connecticut with her husband and three children. She spends her “free” time driving to and from pools, planning food for her competitive swimmers and watching them compete. Sometimes she has time to enjoy her garden and hike the local trails. You can learn more and connect with Anna by visiting
Anna is the author of "How to eat Mindfully and Mindlessly lose weight – Simplifying our complex relationship with food to effortlessly live the healthy life we want" and "Your Food Life - Explore your complex relationship with food, and chart your path to living the healthy life you want."

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