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Certified Professional Life Coach and counselor at annie henderson
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Annie M Henderson is a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing as a Coming Out Coach for the LGBTQIA community and helps people-pleasers that avoid conflict, over apologize, and struggle to say no, start living authentically and find the peace they have been missing.

After going from an unfulfilled existence checking all the boxes of perceived “success,” to breaking into an intentional, abundant life, she now uses her experiences and professional background as a teacher, counselor, and life coach, to teach and mentor others. In working with her diverse clientele to discover unapologetic joy, including the LGBTQIA community and people-pleasers, her teachings focus on releasing self-doubt, embracing the power in setting boundaries, and removing the habit of over apologizing. She’s the international best-selling co-author of She Did It!, which follows women from around the world and their transformational journey. Annie’s masters degrees in education, school counseling and professional counseling complement her mission and inform her regular content shared with loyal followers on TikTok and Instagram. Annie’s insights have been featured in Life Camera Action, Open Mike Podcast, VeryWellMind, and The Jeff Crilley Show.

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