Anthony Maguire

Director at Longevity Partners
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With over four years of experience in the real estate sector, Anthony joined Longevity Partners in 2017 from JLL. He specializes in renewable energy solutions for our turnkey clients and is particularly well versed within the retail and industrial sectors. Anthony has a BA in Geography from UCL and an MSc from Imperial in Environmental Technology.

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  • Longevity Power, in accordance with Longevity Partners' advisors, provides a one-stop shop for public and private entities that want to implement ESG solutions from start to finish. This comprises many elements, from setting ESG targets to implementing the solutions to reach those targets. Through this partnership with LevelTen, Longevity Power can promptly source off-site renewables that will meet our clients' needs, enabling Longevity to implement a holistic strategy that reassures our clients that their properties are going to be resilient in the face of climate change.

    8 September 2021
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