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Antony Woodcock and his brother Daniel have built up their careers working in the hospitality industry, and also own a hotel in Edinburgh. As they well know, the biggest challenge when operating any business is good reliable staff. After years of dealing with recruitment challenges and talent shortages they decided to do something about it, and in 2016 they met a like-minded entrepreneur in Riaz Ladha, and together set out to create a business that could guarantee a better workforce. That business was GIG.

GIG is a temp agency with a difference! Utilising their innovative GIG App they are able to provide workers with a fair and transparent platform, giving them the freedom and choice to select the working opportunities they want. At GIG each worker can manage their own shift patterns and build a better work / life balance whilst still enjoying all the benefits of employment, such as pensions, holiday allowance, team building activities and training & development.

GIG allows businesses to post staffing and rota requirements that are instantaneously visible to all workers on the GIG App. This means workers are then able to apply for the shifts and rota's that they want - basing their decisions on job location, pay rate, start time, number of worked hours etc. Businesses then have the autonomy to screen and review applicant profiles to select the worker they feel is best suited to the role.

GIG only works with companies that pay at least the national minimum wage for hospitality staff.

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