Arielle Greenleaf

Chief Education Officer at Restfully
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Arielle Greenleaf is a certified pediatric sleep coach and Chief Education Officer at Restfully. Her expertise has been featured in parenting articles in the New York Times, Slate, and other national publications. Arielle has been ranked as a top sleep consultant in the United States by Tuck Sleep.

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  • If it's in the budget, it's helpful to hire a night nurse or postpartum doula to help overnight so that both parents can get better rest, even if it's just one or two times a week. One of the things most new parents or parents of new babies aren't told enough is to ask for help. Whether that be from a family member, friend or a provider such as a postpartum doula or sleep coach, asking for help (and accepting it!) is so important.

    16 September 2021
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