Arnold van Dyk

Director of Tax Services at TaxAudit
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I help individuals and business get the IRS or state entity off their back by resolving their tax debt issues (and NEVER have to speak to the IRS). Most of our clients are referred to us from other professionals who are acting in the best interests of their clients. This may include: • Attorneys and Tax Pros (CPAs, EAs, Accountants) who do not deal with IRS collection issues or are not comfortable with sometimes large and complex cases • Realtors • Mortgage Lenders • Loan Officers • Credit Counselors.

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  • Any notice from the IRS can cause stress on taxpayers, and we are seeing hundreds of TaxAudit members who have received a CP14 Notice even though they've already paid their tax bill. Although the IRS has recognized that these notices have been sent out automatically, and some in error, the burden falls on the taxpayer to rectify the situation. It's never a good idea to ignore a notice from the IRS, but given their current mail backlog, it may make sense to wait for the situation to resolve itself if you sent a timely payment by mail. At TaxAudit, we are working around the clock with our members and the IRS to ensure that taxpayers never pay more than they owe and help them avoid falling into tax debt.

    31 October 2020
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