Arthur Lozinski, CEO of Oomnitza

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Arthur Lozinski is the CEO and co-founder of Oomnitza, the leading provider of Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions. For more than a decade, Arthur has led the Oomnitza team’s evolution to the company it is today, providing a solution that addresses the increasing and complex IT needs emerging from organizations’ digital transformation. In 2021 he successfully spearheaded a funding round securing $35 million to fulfill the mission of providing a single source of truth to manage technologies across hundreds of companies ranging from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 giants.

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  • "Although cloud migration is well-defined, issues will come up at any point - from strategy development through implementation. IT and security must plan extensively for cloud migration.

    Continuous tracking and management of all technology assets is important to security operations. Different teams manage different types of assets, which is difficult. IT teams must break through the silos to ensure that all roles create workflows that push data to and from the systems of record. Tech management must reconcile endpoint data.

    Effective and safe cloud migration should incorporate endpoint security. Organizations need to think about how traditional endpoint protection techniques will translate to the new cloud infrastructure and what that means for new technology implementations and the data.

    Therefore, network endpoint visibility is crucial. IT teams must have complete, accurate, real-time endpoint status, location, ownership, and state visibility during the migration. This requires quick, basic inquiries in multiple directions. Public cloud migrations require well-defined access control. Only those who should have access should be allowed access, even whether they're using cloud services or private hosted servers.

    Unlike access controls, specified device roles need to focus on IoT assets and endpoints. This makes implementing least privilege straightforward. Technology database device responsibilities require continuous review and tweaking. Before a cloud migration as well as after, the IT team should redefine device accountability."

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