Arvind Nimbalker

Global Head of Product at Tribal Credit
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Arvind Nimbalker serves as Global Head of Product at Tribal Credit, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the FinTech space. Prior to joining Tribal, Arvind was the global head of online lending and payment products at American Express.

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  • If a customer is holding onto 100,000 USDC in a certain entity in Mexico, then we will allow them to spend up to $100,000 in the Tribal platform to pay whoever they want to pay. So, it's enabling them to make payments in the real world by having access to these kinds of crypto assets.

    9 January 2022
  • So, what we want to do in these Latin American markets is to open up access to credit. We have a proprietary algorithm which helps us underwrite these companies and give them access to credit, and using that credit, they can use the Tribal platform to make payments to virtually and literally anybody in the world.

    9 January 2022
  • The blockchain ecosystem is fueling the growth of future unicorns by offering more secure, cheaper, and faster ways to process cross-border payments. Venture capital investments will further move into crypto adoption as most household names present on the market catch up with the trend and cater to consumer preferences.

    9 January 2022
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