Ashok Mishra, Ph.D.

Dean’s Associate Professor, Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University
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I am an Assistant Professor in Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University. Our research focus: (a) to quantify water security with an emphasis on coupled climate-human interaction under multiple extreme climate events, and (b) to utilize hydroclimatic (extreme) information for improving infrastructure management. We use a combination of process based and statistical methods to quantify non-linear relationship that exists between climate-water- human systems to address water security in a changing environment. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses related to water resources engineering.

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  • This information could be used to develop a forecasting model in the near future. We can use the information from hot spots to help identify the most important precursors for flash drought.

    5 August 2022
  • article
    5 August 2022
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