Aurora Duron

Team Lead and Technical Recruiter at FullStack Labs
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Aurora Durón is the team lead and technical recruiter for FullStack Labs, where she works remotely from El Salvador. As a technical recruiter she makes a point to educate herself about what software developers care about and think outside the box while recruiting candidates from countries like Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay.

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  • How can recruiters capture the attention and win over tech talent in this competitive market?

    Aurora: “Attitude, attitude, attitude. As recruiters, how we come across in a message or on a call, how we handle candidates during the whole process, the attitude we have with them is really important. I believe it’s difficult for you to convince someone to join a company if you’re not happy. Demonstrate that you believe in the company, in your values, that you’re committed to its long-term goals, and that you want good people to be part of the company as well. Transmitting that with your attitude is really important. That comes across as a defining moment for recruiters at FullStack Labs, because candidates can have another job in a different company similar to ours, but the interaction they have with someone can be different and may change their mind.”

    What are some tips in doing so?

    Aurora: “You have to be informed about what your company is currently up to. You are an ambassador of the company. I get asked about headcount, what are some of our projects, what does a typical day look like at FullStack Labs. I know that we are recruiters, not developers, but it’s always good to know the technologies that the projects require, what types of businesses we work with, new clients, what we can offer developers in the technical side for them to be prepared with different courses. It’s really important for us to sell other things besides the position itself for them to know the whole picture about the company itself and how we do things here.”

    Where do they hang out?

    Aurora: “There’s a saying that the best developers are not looking for a job. Mainly, we have to look for them. Word-of-mouth, internal referrals are a great way to find really good talent. Usually if you find a good developer, there’s always a friend or coworker.”

    How can your sourcing messages stand out against the competition?

    Aurora: “You have to be true about what the company is, its DNA, because if you try to copy what everyone else is doing it doesn’t come across as sincere. Developers want to know what a typical day is like, the opinions of other coworkers inside the company. They really appreciate honesty, transparency. You’re going to find the talent, that way, that you want to attract. For the sake of having a good post or engagement, if you try to go to the trends—but that’s not what you’re actually trying to achieve as a company—you’re going to attract talent, but not the ones you want for your company or the projects you’re trying to build for the future.”

    How do you know what they care about (salary, certain benefits, flexibility)?

    Aurora: “I believe now, that due to the situation with COVID that most of the people that are applying want a stable job, a company that is going to take care of them even if things get a little bit harder. They always ask me how stable the work is going to be due to COVID, how the company is taking care of that. I believe it’s going to change with the scenarios, but mainly career path, stability, how we handle our business in hard times.”

    7 December 2021
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